Evaluating LIDAR (Laser Scanner) Guide


LIDAR animation

This is part of a series of posts talking about some of the common LIDAR’s used in robotics. At the end of these sensor profile articles there will be a final post that compares the sensors based on data collected by each of the sensors. Posts: Evaluating LIDAR Guide LIDAR Fundamentals SICK TiM551 – LIDAR […]

R&D Paper Submission Guidelines



Hi Here at robotsforroboticists.com we wish to change how research papers are presented to the world. As part of that we will accept submissions of papers related to building real robots. We will not accept papers related to things that have not been tested on a robot. Good examples of papers include robot system design, […]

Sensor characteristics guide – How to understand your sensor


sensor datasheet

Hi all Ok, so you read my last post on sensor types (you did, didn’t you? if not check it out here) and you now know which sensor you want to use. How do you choose which sensor option to choose? That is a great question, this post will go into details of the various […]