Industrial Robot Safety Standards, Abbreviations, Codes & Titles


List of industrial safety standards

I recently attended the National Robot Safety Conference for Industrial Robots and found myself confused with all of the safety standards. Here is the sheet that they provided to help identify Standards, Abbreviations, Codes & Titles. If you find any of these interesting and wish to purchase the standards you can go to the Robot […]

National Robot Safety Conference – October 2017


national robot safety conference

I had the opportunity to attend the National Robot Safety Conference for Industrial Robots today in Pittsburgh, PA (USA). Today was the first day of a three-day conference. While I mostly cover technical content on this site; I felt that this was an important conference to attend since safety and safety standards are becoming more […]

Computer Vision, Context, & The Need for AI


confusing person for self driving car

In life as well as in computer vision, context is critical. Scroll through this post slowly and don’t cheat. What do you see in the image below? Now what do you see in this next picture? Keep Scrolling How about this picture, can you now identify the images above? How did you identify the car? […]

Book Review: The Car Hacker’s Handbook by Craig Smith


Car hackers handbook

The Car Hacker’s Handbook A Guide for the Penetration Tester is a really interesting book about how to interface with cars to read from onboard systems, spoof devices, and control the vehicle on your own. One of the reasons I really like this book is that it is easily the best book I have ever […]

Design Thinking for Robotics and Life


Hi all Recently I went to a seminar about design thinking. Design thinking is an approach to solving a problem from any domain. During the seminar people used design thinking to analyze how to automate password recovery, lead a finance team, build an activities team, and others. I used this as an exercise to look […]

Book Review: Peer Reviews in Software by Karl Wiegers


peer review in software

I have been part of many software teams where we desired to do code reviews. In most of those cases the code reviews did not take place, or were pointless and a waste of time. So the question is; how do you effectively conduct peer reviews in order to improve the quality of your systems. […]

Book Review: Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming by Lentin Joseph


mastering ROS for robotics programming

Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming is a good book that will help you learn ROS and take advantage of some of the powerful nodes (programs) that are out there. The book covers both a 7 DOF robot arm and a differential drive robot throughout the different chapters. That should really help you out no matter […]

Robotics for Kids (and Adults) – Getting Started and How to Progress


SIK_Shadow_Chasis Sparkfun

I get many questions from people about how I think kids and adults should get started in robotics, how they should progress, and what they should buy, to learn about robotics. Here is my quick response: I think level 1 is for people older than 12-13. Level 2 is for people older than 15, and […]

Book Review: Practical Field Robotics by Robert Sturges


practical field robotics

Practical Field Robotics: A Systems Approach by Robert H. Sturges, Jr. from Virginia Tech is an interesting book about how to design a field robot from a high level systems approach, and how to build a robotic lawnmower. This book has 2 primary sections. The first part of the book looks at 3 different example […]

Robots taking our jobs, Are you prepared?



Hi all Continuing on with posts from the recent RoboUniverse show in New York, I want to talk about Robots, Jobs, and Education. On the last day one of the primary talks was from Dennis Kambeitz at EZ-Robot. The topic was Preparing our workforce for a robotic world. I am going to try to hit […]

RoboUniverse New York 2015 – Initial Reaction


robo universe sponsors

Hi all I attended the last day (5/13/2015) of the RoboUniverse conference and exhibit in New York City. It was a good experience and I got to hear some interesting talks. I am usually deeply involved in the technical aspects of robotics, so it was interesting hearing about some of the other aspects. This was […]

Book Review: Implementation of Robot Systems by Mike Wilson


implementation robotic systems

Hi all Today I am reviewing Implementation of Robot Systems by Mike Wilson. This is a book about how to integrate robots into the manufacturing process. In this book Mike Wilson takes you through the process of deploying and developing your robotic systems since “All successful projects require a methodical approach to project planning.” By […]

RoboUniverse New York – May 11-13, 2015


Robo Universe

Hi all Click here to see initial reactions after the event! RoboUniverse 2015 is happening May 11-13 in New York. I plan on being there and would love to meet up with others who are there. Please let me know if you plan on attending. I am waiting to see the full exhibitor list as […]

Transporting your Robot


highway transportation

Throughout my career I have had to ship different robots to different locations around the world. Here is a little bit about what I have learnt about transportation. The 3 basic ways for a robot to travel are by land, by air, and by sea. Typically by truck (I guess there are also trains, but […]

Drawbar Pull vs Rim Pull


rim pull

Hi all Many people get confused between what drawbar pull is and what rim pull is. Many people also use the terms interchangeably. Drawbar Pull – Pull available from the vehicle (think pulling from a hitch in the rear of the robot) Rim Pull – Pull available at the rim of each driving wheel (some […]

For Profit Technical Education Experience (ITT-Tech)


For Profit

There has been a lot of talk recently about for-profit education. Most of it is negative and a lot of it is true, however there are also some good things about for profit education that is often overlooked. This post is about the good, the bad, and the ugly that I have experienced at a […]

Soldering Tutorials



Hi all Here are a few soldering tutorials that might be of interest to you. These first two are your day-to-day standard soldering methods. There are many of these types of videos online. This next set of tutorials is for high reliability “proper” soldering techniques. This is actually why I am writing this post. These […]

Position Tracking: Total Station


leica total station

Tracking the position of a robot is difficult to do accurately, especially when you need to track position in a variety of locations. GPS is not accurate for small movements and can have jumps as the position estimate changes. One good solution is the Leica Total Station. The Total Station can measure a robots position […]

Book Review: Disaster Robotics by Robin Murphy


disaster robotics

One of my personal interests is in disaster robotics. I like them for two reasons. The first is that I like the idea of being able to try and save people (I know I could have become a doctor). The other reason I like robots is that they need to operate in “extreme terrain and […]

Book Review: Learning ROS for Robotics Programming by Martinez and Fernandez


learning ros book

Hi I have only used the Robot Operating System (ROS) for several small things so I wanted to review a book on learning ROS both so that I could learn more about ROS and because ROS is increasingly being used for more robotics applications and is good for all of us to become familiar with […]

Project Management


quad chart

Hi all I am going to take a break from the technical to discuss how to run a project. During my career I have experienced several project managers and have heard from many others about their project managers. Here is my distilled list of how to run a technology (and just about any other) project. […]

Amazon Quadcopter Delivery Plans


amazon quadcopter

Hi all I have received a lot of questions from friends and family about the Amazon Prime Air delivery (if you have not heard about this check out the video at the bottom of this post). I know for some this is old news, but I am talking about it anyway. The basic idea is […]

Book Review: Robotics, Vision and Control Fundamental Algorithms in MATLAB by Peter Corke


vision control matlab

Hi all Here is a book review on Peter Corke’s Robotics, Vision and Control, published in 2011 (and 2013). I decided to review this book since it has a lot of Matlab code (I know I complain about Matlab later on) and examples that *could* be useful when developing real systems, testing a specific algorithm, […]

Robot Bases (and other development platforms)


husky robot

Hi all This is going to be a quick post. There are many cases where instead of building a full robot from scratch, you just want to buy a platform. These platforms can serve as the base of your robot that you build upon, or just as a test platform for developing/testing new software with. […]

Robot Books: The basics, the middle, and a lot of math.


robot builders bonanza

Hi all Here are my recommended robotics books. I hope you enjoy. Please put your favorite robotics books in the comment section below. This first book Robot Builders Bonanza is a hobbyist level book but I still recommend it. This book introduces the basics of mechanical, electrical, microprocessors, and sensors that are used in modern […]

Electronics Engineering Books + FPGA Books


Art of Electronics book

Hi all Here are some books that I like for electronics (including FPGA’s). If you have any favorite electronics book please leave it in the comments below. The first one is the Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill. This is a very in-depth book that starts with the basics and ohms law and works […]

Conferences and Journals



This page is out of date. Click here for updated Conferences There are many conferences and journals serving the robotics community. Among other differences conference articles are often not reviewed by anyone other than the authors, while journal papers are usually peer-reviewed. Even if the journal is peer-reviewed there are many different levels of peer […]