Welcome! I hope you will enjoy this site and find it useful for all your robot building endeavors.

My name is David Kohanbash and I am a Robotics Engineer in Pittsburgh, PA in the United States. I love building, playing and working with Robots.

How did I get here? I started off in a technical school learning about electronics. I followed that by getting a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Robotics. I think my unique mix of technical school and traditional school is very useful for building real systems.

In my day job I specialize in electronics and low level software. I get to play with lots of embedded computers, networking gear, sensors, motors, RF hardware, electronic design, and low level software. I also like mechanical stuff (sometimes). I have had the opportunity to work on robots for planetary exploration, farming, mining, lakes, manufacturing, and self driving cars. I have been building robots professionally since 2006 (and even longer unprofessionally).

I put this site together to focus on professional robotics (as opposed to small hobby projects, which I also love). I have found there to be a lack of professional robotics information online, so I have created this blog to fill that void. Obviously things are always changing and advancing so this site constantly gets updated. I regularly go back and update old blog posts with new information.

I love hearing from people so please comment on the blog posts or visit the forum.

This website attracts professional roboticists and is a good way to reach this target audience. If you are interested in supporting, having a product review done, and/or advertising on this blog please contact me for more information with the form below or visit https://www.patreon.com/robotsforroboticists to financially support us.

For product reviews I tend to like embedded computers, networking/wireless gear, sensors, motor controllers, wiring/connector components, and development kits. Please note that this blog does NOT do paid reviews. I will report what I find, if you disagree with what I post you may contact me however I will only update the review if I feel that it should be corrected.

Some of my other random hobbies include SCUBA diving, bookbinding and backpacking/camping.

David Kohanbash

If you are asking for technical help please visit the forum. Thanks!

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