Lithium, Lithium-ion, LiPo & LiFePO4 Battery Safety and Fire Handling


NASA JPL RoboSimian Fire

Lithium battery safety is an important issue as there are more and more reports of fires and explosions. Fires have been reported in everything from cell phones to airplanes to robots. If you don’t know why we need to discuss this, or even if you do know, watch this clip or click here. I am […]

Industrial Robot Safety Standards, Abbreviations, Codes & Titles


List of industrial safety standards

I recently attended the National Robot Safety Conference for Industrial Robots and found myself confused with all of the safety standards. Here is the sheet that they provided to help identify Standards, Abbreviations, Codes & Titles. If you find any of these interesting and wish to purchase the standards you can go to the Robot […]

National Robot Safety Conference – October 2017


national robot safety conference

I had the opportunity to attend the National Robot Safety Conference for Industrial Robots today in Pittsburgh, PA (USA). Today was the first day of a three-day conference. While I mostly cover technical content on this site; I felt that this was an important conference to attend since safety and safety standards are becoming more […]

E-stop and M-stops



Hi all Just a quick note on e-stops (emergency stops) and m-stops (mobility stops). There are various levels of e-stops. In an ideal world an e-stop would kill power to ALL power, however in complex systems we often settle for less. Some reasons for a weaker e-stop is to keep the computers and other sensors […]