chrony with GPS for Time Synchronization – Kicks NTP’s A$$


time syncing

Time synchronization is something that affects many robots. As robots have more computers and more sensors keeping everything in sync becomes increasingly important. Trying to look through log files where all of the times are skewed is not fun and makes processing difficult. Merging sensor data together with GPS can also be disastrous if the […]

Antenna Separation: How Close Can You Go?


antenna on car

Hi When building a new robot the mechanical engineers always ask me how close can the different antennas be to each other. It is not uncommon to try squeezing 5+ antennas on a single robot (GPS, GPS2 for heading, RTK, joystick, e-stop, communications, etc..). So what is the proper response? The real answer is that […]

GPS and Global Absolute Positioning


gps satelite

Hi all Here is a post describing how to get absolute position for your robot. It discusses the basic methods and then ways to assist them for better accuracy. GPS GPS (or Global Positioning System as those in the know call it) is a widely used technology. It is not the “GPS” that you have […]