Design Thinking for Robotics and Life


Hi all Recently I went to a seminar about design thinking. Design thinking is an approach to solving a problem from any domain. During the seminar people used design thinking to analyze how to automate password recovery, lead a finance team, build an activities team, and others. I used this as an exercise to look […]

Wheel & Grouser Design


LRV Wheel

For many robots the wheels are an afterthought however they are essential for letting the robot drive around. Another thing that is often neglected is choosing the proper grousers for your wheel. Most of the design parameters for wheels and grousers are based on experience, intuition (which may or may not be correct) and qualitative […]

Designing for Success – Field Testing Series – Part 2


field testing

This post is part of a series on testing robots with a focus on field testing. It will start with why we test robots, work its way through planning for a field test, to performing the test, and finally what to do after the test. We will conclude with a description of many common tests […]

PCB Design Tutorials


pcb from OSH Park

Hi all I got a question about PCB design for robots. I am not going to recreate what is already out there so here are some links. UPDATE: Contextual Electronics has released the entire KiCad course online. Check it out here! The two places that I have used to get PCB’s built are: – Advanced […]