Soldering Tutorials

by on September 8, 2014


Hi all
Here are a few soldering tutorials that might be of interest to you.

These first two are your day-to-day standard soldering methods. There are many of these types of videos online.

This next set of tutorials is for high reliability “proper” soldering techniques. This is actually why I am writing this post. These are used in the aerospace industry. Be warned that these are tedious and time consuming methods to apply. You will note the use of a panavise which is a great tool for soldeing and electronics work. He also has a spring for holding the wires which I am not sure if that is a standard item or something he found. Comment below if you know.

Enjoy 🙂

Image Source:,_a_micro-miniature_soldering_specialist_from_Medford,_Ore.,_repairs_a_faulty_resister.jpg

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