CHIMP disaster response robot

by on December 31, 2013

CHIMP disaster response robot

Cool robot of the day.

CHIMP is the CMU entry in the DARPA disaster response challenge. It can walk, climb, and drive.

It is interesting that they developed their own drive joints. If anyone knows why or some details please leave it below in the comments.

Will CMU be able to win this like they did in the prior DARPA challenges?

Recently DARPA had a qualifying event where CMU came in 3rd. Now they have 1 year until the final event which will be harder, to pull ahead of the pack. The number one team from the qualifying event was SCHAFT which was recently acquired by Google.
I cant wait to see what Google does next.

Click Here for the CMU CHIMP website with a lot more information on the robot.

Click Here for a lot of information from the DARPA website about the challenge.

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